Magniflex breaks into U.S. hospitality market with 4-model collection

Building on its significant presence in the luxury hospitality industry in Italy and throughout Europe, Italian bedding manufacturer Magniflex is entering the U.S. hospitality industry with its newly curated, four-model luxury Regale Hospitality Collection. 

Magniflex’s hospitality line is designed to offer hotels the option to choose a mattress that aligns best with their brand while providing guests with a restful night’s sleep.

The collection consists of the Regale Superiore Deluxe — a mattress that encompasses the company’s signature Italian luxury with various levels of supportive foam and a viscose cover; Regale Magnicool — an innovative mattress that promotes air circulation to create the perfect microclimate; Regale Naturale — made with Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton covers; and Regale Virtuoso — a mattress with cashmere and wool on one side, and silk and linen on the other to maintain comfort regardless of the temperature.

Magniflex’s Regale hospitality collection can be found in luxury hotel properties throughout Europe including the Hotel Savoy in Florence, Casa Cipriani in Milan, Thassos Grand Resort in Greece as well as the Mampei Hotel in Japan and the Grand Hotel Praha in Prague, among others. Its debut within the U.S. hospitality sector is with the notable Casa Cipriani in New York — an Italian-style hotel and private club that is popular among various A-list celebrities. 

“With a presence in over 500 five-star hotels and beach clubs worldwide, our commitment to hospitality excellence has been unwavering for many years. As we have seen great success in the residential sector of our American business and are beginning to look ahead, we recognize the paramount importance of the U.S., where the emphasis on comfort in the hospitality industry is particularly pronounced,” says Magniflex National Sales Manager Billy Curtright.

The decision to enter the market began once Magniflex noted that consumers are more eager to travel now but are also seeking the same level of comfort they enjoy at home (or better) when they are on the road. 

Mattresses are shipped vacuum-packed to facilitate easy transportation to hotel rooms without the need for heavy machinery, eliminating any risk of damage to the room’s furnishings. Furthermore, Magniflex has the capability to tailor mattresses to suit various dimensions, shapes and heights, providing personalized solutions to meet client needs. 

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