Mattress Express owner Kevin Fear offers marketing insights and advice

Kevin Fear, owner of nine-store bedding retailer Mattress Express, is no stranger to good marketing, having run successful marketing campaigns that included giving away jet skis, meat smokers and more wild prizes. The expert marketer talks about the importance of media and why you need to ramp up marketing when your store is busiest.

Key takeaways:

  • Marketing is more segmented. Today, between TV, radio, social media and more, marketing has become more difficult.
  • Understand who you’re targeting with your marketing — hyperfocus on gender, age and income.
  • Radio and infomercials are an easy and inexpensive way to reach a lot of people.
  • You have to invest in marketing. When things get busy, that’s the time to step on the gas, not back off. As the saying goes, “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.”

Alex Milstein

Alex Milstein is the Editor in Chief of Casual News Now and Bedding News Now. He previously served as senior editor of both Casual Living and Designers Today, and covered technology for Furniture Today, with a focus on augmented reality, e-commerce, and 3D visualization.

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