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Bedgear debuts never-before-seen Sheets Wall at Gardner White Furniture

Bedgear debuts never-before-seen Sheets Wall at Gardner White Furniture

Bedgear has partnered with family-owned furniture and mattress store Gardner White to introduce an all-new in-store Sheets Wall displaying an assortment of Bedgear’s temperature regulating sheets.

The all-new in-store “Sheets Wall” displays an assortment of BEDGEAR’s innovative temperature regulating sheets such as soft Hyper-Linen™, Ver-Tex™, and Dri-Tec®.

These installations introduce a showroom-level execution at a retail level, providing an interactive shopping experience for customers in the Michigan region. They are part of a planned expansion across seven Gardner White locations in MI, including Township, Howell, Saginaw, Taylor, Warren, and Auburn Hills.

“We are incredibly excited to join forces with Bedgear to introduce this truly personalized and integrated journey for our Gardner White customer community,” says Rachel Stewart, president of Gardner White. “Being Michigan’s top furniture and mattress retailer, we are always looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience, and with cutting-edge fabric technologies, we have full confidence in Bedgear’s ability to deliver quality products.”

Integrating with the Bedgear pillow wall, the sheet display serves to complete the spectrum of bedding essentials and invites shoppers to embark on a personalized sheets journey by catering to individual comfort and temperature preferences.

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“Consumers are craving something more – an enjoyable, interactive, and informative experience,” says Bedgear founder and CEO Eugene Alletto. “Gardner White is a like-minded partner who shares our passion for redefining bedding shopping. We are determined to revolutionize the way people perceive and approach shopping for bedding, turning it from a tiresome task into an exhilarating adventure.”

Gardner White will be carrying Bedgear’s Level and Storm Performance® Pillow as well as their newest sheets collection that all feature Bedgear’s smart fabric technologies, such as moisture-wicking Dri-Tec®, instant-cooling Ver-Tex™ and Air-X®, which enhances airflow. The Hyper-Cotton Sheet Set and Hyper-Wool Sheet Set are just a few of Bedgear’s best sellers with cutting-edge cooling technologies that are available at Gardner White.

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