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DreamFit to focus on new tool, simplicity and compatibility with retailers in Vegas

DreamFit to focus on new tool, simplicity and compatibility with retailers in Vegas

The central focus of DreamFit for the Summer Las Vegas Market will be to refresh and rename its product color palette, streamline ordering processes for its retailers and introduce new tools to help them drive traffic to their showrooms.   

Inside showroom C1544, the DreamFit team is making plans to present fresh marketing assets that include a collection of educational videos and social media materials designed to alleviate some of the burden on retailers as they gear up for the second half. Additionally, the company is showcasing interactive displays, refreshed point-of-purchase (POP) materials, and dynamic QR codes that will provide both retail sales associates (RSAs) and shoppers with additional content to make an informed purchase.

“DreamFit delivers the sought-after high-quality products that consumers desire and our focus this year is on taking it a step further in terms of promoting the brand to our dealers’ advantage,” says DreamFit Vice President of Marketing Rachel Gomez. “We have worked hard on creating tools to support their RSA’s and eliminate some of their daily stressors. Our mission is to be the vendor they want to do business with and provide an elevated experience.”

DreamFit is also working to simplify and streamline its product offerings and ordering process by embracing the power of five classic colors in all fabrics across all sheet sets. By focusing on a carefully selected palette, the company is making it easier for both retailers and customers to navigate the product range.

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“This market is all about simplicity,” says DreamFit Senior Vice President of Sales Chris Taheny. “We want to help our authorized retailers raise the bar by giving them even stronger tools and a heightened degree of seamlessness in their presentations to their guests. We’ve simplified our ordering system, and we’ve unified our color palette and standardized the names of our colors across all of our fabrics and product options.”

“Our patented sheet sets will now be available in five classic colors—White, Ivory, Gray, Sage and Blue, and in all sizes, including split-head options to help our retailers provide the bedding compatibility their guests need,” he continues. “We’re also excited about our upcoming dealer locator on our website to help support more foot traffic for our key partners. This is an additional testament to how important we see the partnerships we have with them.”

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