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GhostBed adds features to massage bed ahead of Las Vegas Market

GhostBed adds features to massage bed ahead of Las Vegas Market

GhostBed has added new features to its Ghost Massage Bed Powered by Cozzia that was introduced at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The company has continued with new revisions and refinements based on its continued development of what it calls the industry’s first, real massaging mattress.

The Ghost Massage Bed Powered by Cozzia now features realigned massage pods that more specifically target major muscle groups and more targeted pressure points. The improved model has a much faster response time when first started and quicker movements between the various massage sections. 

Each of the eight different massage programs has been tweaked based on testing feedback and in only a few seconds, a consumer can switch to any of the personalized massage modes. Another refinement includes greater sensitivity levels one can select using the sensitivity settings. The last change to the mattress includes an enhanced cooling cover.

“The beauty of our collaboration with Cozzia is our ability to access the huge massage knowledge base they have so we can incorporate technological upgrades to the massage bed as we’ve developed it. The response has been incredible since its introduction earlier in the year because it was so unique to the industry. These new features make this product even better,” says Alan Hirschhorn, executive vice president of GhostBed. “What retailer doesn’t want a unique product – never before seen in the industry – which will certainly create interest that must really be seen in retail stores, on retailer’s floors, in front of a well-educated RSA.”

Each queen and king mattress has two individual massage pads that are independently remote-controlled, allowing each person the ability to enjoy their own customizable massages. The Ghost Massage Bed Powered by Cozzia offers a 10-, 20- or 30-minute massage and then automatically powers off.

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The separate massaging units allow individual sleepers the ability to experience a targeted or whole-body massage without any motion transfer, allowing each person an undisturbed sleep. In addition to the incredible massage features, the mattress is built to offer a great night’s sleep, so it incorporates various layers of gel memory foam layer, GhostFlex Transition foam, high-density base foam in addition to the massaging layer.

The Ghost Massage Bed Powered by Cozzia is priced at $2,999 in queen and can be seen in GhostBed’s showroom at B-908. 

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