Compass Sleep Products going all American-made

What’s happening: Compass Sleep Products CEO Ricky Riley has embarked on a 100% “Made in the USA” strategy in creating the company’s line of midpriced mattresses targeting independent retailers across the South. 

Why it matters: “Our dealers are in a roughly 400-mile radius of our plant near Tallahassee. They and their customers are increasingly placing a premium on American-made goods, and we are in a terrific position to accomplish just that,” Riley says. 

As part of his Made in the USA approach, Riley is purchasing every component for Compass’ new product line domestically, with key suppliers including Leggett & Platt, UFP Industries, Carpenter and Culp, among others.

With a product range that starts at suggested retails of $349 in queen for a perimeter innerspring and tops out just under $2,000 for a two-sided pocketed-coil style, Riley notes the strategy is far more challenging to execute in more promotional price points, but he also believes doing so is vital to giving Compass Sleep Products a distinct voice in the industry. 

All beds in the new Compass product line feature a Made in the USA label in addition to the Compass Sleep Products brand name. The company also recently created an in-house equipment repair business so it can more effectively and efficiently assure production without waiting for service technicians or parts from abroad.

“Our consumer has a deep respect and appreciation for the American worker and products made in this country. The cities and towns in the South want to know their ‘neighbors’ labored to make, deliver and service one of the most critical parts of their home — the bed they sleep on,” Riley says. “As a result, we can offer more people good jobs and career opportunities that help develop and grow our neighborhoods, towns, cities, states and country.”

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