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The five-step sales process for mattress sales

The five-step sales process for mattress sales

In the past three years, the mattress industry has seen unprecedented growth thanks to stimulus funds. However, in the process of rushing to close sales, we may have started skipping critical steps.

It’s time to get back to the basics of mattress sales and follow a proven sales process to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

The sales process for mattresses consists of five essential steps: greeting, qualifying, demonstrating, overcoming objections and closing the sale. These steps have worked for generations, and it’s crucial not to deviate from them.

As someone who has interacted with hundreds of sales associates, managers and store owners across the country, I’ve observed that we do a great job of greeting customers and welcoming them to our stores.

But when it comes to the qualifying step, things can get muddied up. To ensure we’re providing the best possible experience for our customers, we need to eliminate certain questions that limit their options, such as asking about their budget or preferred brand.

Instead, we need to focus on asking open-ended questions that provide insight into their needs and preferences. For example, we can ask about their preferred sleeping position, whether they tend to sleep hot or cold, and any health concerns or injuries they may have. Armed with this information, we can then tailor our presentation to showcase how our mattresses can specifically benefit them.

When it comes to the demonstration step, it’s critical to resist the temptation to have customers lie down immediately. Instead, we should begin by talking about the top panel of the mattress and the benefits it offers, such as cooling technology. Then, we can ask them to feel it and move on to explaining the mattress’ features and benefits. Finally, we can take them to a zero-gravity position to showcase the complete sleep system.

After demonstrating the sleep system, it’s time to ask for the sale. Unfortunately, many salespeople miss this critical opportunity by not asking for the sale or by presenting too many options.

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Instead, we should ask customers if they’d like to move forward and have the product delivered today or tomorrow. If they express interest but are hesitant about the price, we can emphasize the mattress’ value and offer 0% financing to make it more accessible.

If customers still have objections, we need to listen carefully to their concerns and provide information that addresses them. For example, if they’re hesitant about the price, we can emphasize the importance of investing in a quality mattress that will impact their health and well-being for years to come. If they want to shop around, we can highlight our low-price guarantee and warranties.

Following these five essential steps will help you master mattress sales and provide your customers with an exceptional shopping experience. By focusing on their needs and preferences and presenting our products in a clear and compelling way, we can close more sales and build lasting relationships with our customers.

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