Venus Williams plans next phase of collection with GhostBed

What’s happening: GhostBed recently hosted Venus Williams, collaborator for the GhostBed by Venus Williams Collection, at the company’s plant in Plantation, Florida. to go over future plans. Both teams met to discuss new materials and constructions to plan for future extensions of the collection reaching even beyond mattresses.

Why it matters: “Since the beginning of our collaboration with Venus, both teams have been completely aligned with the story we want our products to portray,” says Marc Werner, CEO and founder of GhostBed. “Venus is heavily involved in the ideation of the collection and its expansions because she understands and appreciates the effects of a good night’s sleep for a consumer. We appreciate all the time she has spent at our plant in Florida and her dedication to being heavily involved in each step of the process. We have seen great success for the collection over the past 18 months and are looking forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

The GhostBed by Venus Williams Collection features three hybrid and three all-foam models that are all designed around the exclusive Venus FIT (far infrared technology) layer that absorbs body temperature and provides additional pressure relief and support, and an ultra-cooling cover.

Every aspect of the aesthetic of the collection, ranging from the sustainable fabrics to the internal components, were specifically handpicked by Williams. The mattresses are available in 12- to 14-inch profiles and retail from $1,799 to $2,999.

“Our retailers are seeing a great amount of success both online and in-store due to the popularity of the GhostBed by Venus Williams Collection,” says Executive Vice President Alan Hirschhorn. “Our teams have been working very closely with our retailers to understand what gaps we can fill in the marketplace. Our retailers see the hard work that both teams have put into creating our incredible lineup of products and we only see the interest in the collection continuing to grow in the future.”

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