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Are double-sided mattresses ‘back’?

Are double-sided mattresses ‘back’?

In the early 2000s, double-sided mattresses declined in popularity because most people did not remember to flip their mattresses periodically. And that’s how the one-sided mattress took over as the retail store star.

But walking the recent High Point Market, you might think double-sided beds are back in a big way.

For example, at Bedding Industries of America — the parent company to several brands such as Eclipse, Eastman House and Harvest — officials estimated that about 70% of the product in their showroom was double-sided.

Shifman and Silentnight/Sleepwell also had two-sided models, as well as Serta, which sells a large amount of them on the hospitality side.

Double-sided beds may never regain their previous market share, but there could be a selling advantage to retailers who carry double-sided beds and sell to younger consumers: longevity.

In a one-sided bed, all of the material is layered at the top, and with a double-sided, there’s a layer of each material on each side. So in theory, a mattress that’s flipped periodically could last longer than a one-sided bed — which is why hotels often rely on them.

Also, consider that with the lifespan of a mattress falling to eight to 10 years — from 15 to 20 years just two to three decades ago — customers are going to want a mattress that lasts longer. Especially price-conscious, eco-friendly younger people.

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And if they buy a mattress that they know will last a long time, they might be more willing to buy pillows, sheets and an adjustable base to complete that long-lasting sleep system. 

Now, if double-sided beds aren’t new, then why would consumers be interested in them?

  • Everything is cyclical. Remember when vinyl record players went out of style in the ’90s because CDs took over? In 2022, vinyl album sales topped CD sales for the second year in a row.  And it’s not just that — typewriters, manual cameras and paper checks and bills are all things the current largest buying generation is “reverting” back to. But in this case, there can be a real benefit to going double-sided.
  • The new generation of shoppers wants quality. If a double-sided mattress will actually last longer, explaining why to a consumer could seal the deal. Younger shoppers want value and products that last.
  • Retailers are looking for something different to sell. The message of flipping a mattress was lost on the last two generations, but maybe it will have new meaning for millennials and Gen Z. If two-sided mattresses turn out to be a hit, it can help your store stand out in your market. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement.  

Double-sided beds may never return to their former popularity, but with the right education, they could be valuable products that help retailers gain loyal customers.

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  • Double sided mattresses were created as a cost cutting measure. The marketing to sell a one sided mattress was fantastic and it caught on quickly. Why wouldn’t a manufacturer sell a bed for the same price earning a better margin. Less raw materials are used and a second quilted topper was replaced by a foam bed.

  • I think double-sided or flippable mattresses are definitely making a comeback and there’s a future for them. Many don’t realize it, but sleep positions and preferences change, and our needs for a mattress change with them. For example, in just five years, due to pregnancy, weight gain, and then weight loss, I went from stomach sleeping to side sleeping, back sleeping, and back to stomach sleeping. Had it not been for my flippable mattress with one side soft and one side firm, I would have had to either put up with the discomfort or spend money on another mattress. It seems some companies got that and stepped up, offering not just flippable mattresses but up to 4 comfort options in the same mattress. For example, SweetNight Prime has 2 different firmness zones on each sides and 4 firmness options in the same mattress. Snooze Flip has one side soft and one side firm, but the cover is double-sided too, one side firm and one side cool, allowing you to choose between 4 different comfort options to maximize comfort. And I’m sure there are more, maybe even better double-sided mattresses out there. Personally, I love the concept!

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