Precision Textile’s glass-free products to reach 3-million-unit milestone

What’s happening: Since launching its IQ FIT Glass-Free FR products in 2021, Precision Textiles reports sales of the products have doubled in each year, and that it will reach the 3-million-unit milestone in the next few months.

Why it matters: “From all corners — traditional manufacturers to DTC players — we see a greater understanding of the benefits of glass-free socks and desire on their part to invest in their own products to better protect consumers,” says Scott Tesser, CEO of Precision Textiles. “A recent bill banning fiberglass in California only proves that we have been at the forefront of the glass-free movement within the industry. We anticipate that sales will only continue to grow as 2023 progresses as a result of this and other legislative moves around the country.”

Precision Textiles’ products conform to mattresses like a glove and utilize FR Cellulosic fiber to allow the product to be entirely glass free. It’s also free of any topical FR treatments, making it safer for consumers and the environment.

Since its original launch, the company has added other products to the original line including the IQ FIT Natural (the first product in the line), IQ FIT Contour which enhances the performance of other specialty mattress technologies, and most recently the IQ Glass Free HD that provides protection for mattresses with latex designs, PCM topical-foam coating and other cooling technologies.

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