Valentine’s Day marked launch of new DreamFit marketing campaign

DreamFit is launching a new national marketing program to support its dealers through a diverse range of world-class assets that cater to various occasions and themes. With Valentine’s Day this month, the company presented retailers with an assortment of imagery and creative marketing solutions that capture the essence of love and romance. 

DreamFit has designed seasonal initiatives to elevate marketing efforts and help drive traffic into stores. Evocative, high-quality photographs such as candy conversation hearts on pillowcases suggest sheet sets as an ideal gift idea to celebrate the holiday. 

In addition to Valentine’s Day, DreamFit has also developed marketing assets for President’s Day this month, as well as creating a yearlong calendar that highlights special days and events. This enables retailers to create compelling campaigns that resonate with consumers while promoting the product line and providing valuable support to the brand.

“We wanted to step up our efforts digitally and allow retailers the opportunity to devote their attention to their core operations while enticing customers to their establishments. Our objective with seasonal and holiday-themed marketing initiatives is to alleviate stress on our retail partners who may not have large staffs or the budgets necessary to design and implement sophisticated social media and advertising campaigns,” says Chris Taheny, senior vice president of sales for DreamFit. 

“Additionally, while retailers in other industries make a point of capitalizing on holidays and seasonal trends to drive traffic, it’s not so easy to accomplish in stores that focus on big-ticket items like furniture and mattresses,” he adds. “Continually changing social media and advertising campaigns to reflect what’s happening on the calendar helps our independent dealers effectively compete with the big-boxes and online retailers.” 

To use the marketing assets to reach consumers, retailers access special promotional materials through a dealer-only portal. DreamFit has made it easy to download the materials, simply by reaching out to the company for login credentials.

“Our dealers conveyed immense appreciation at the recent Las Vegas Market for the support we have been providing, and they are seeing the positive results in their sales numbers. While many other companies are cutting back on marketing budgets in the current environment, we believe a well-crafted retail marketing strategy is the key to effectively showcasing our products to the right audience. These are the times when market share is won, and we are prioritizing the success of our retailers by continuously investing in innovative ways to support them,” Taheny says.

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