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King Koil extends terms of 5 international licensees

King Koil extends terms of 5 international licensees

King Koil has extended its long-term licensing agreements with five international licensees, three of which have been in place for a decade or more. 

New long-term agreements have been signed with King Koil Co. Ltd. (an affiliate of Sleepwell Group Holding Co. Ltd., for Thailand), Philippine Bed and Furniture Manufacturing Corp. (for the Philippines), Real Innerspring Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. (for India, Nepal and Bhutan), Reem Spring (for Jordan) and Everpia Joint Stock Co. (for Vietnam). 

King Koil has operated internationally as a licensing company for most of its 126-year history. With more than 20 licensees worldwide, servicing more than 75 countries across six continents, the company has become an established leading global brand and provider of high-quality mattresses in Asia, Europe, Middle East/Africa, North/Central America and South America.

“These five licensees are very high-quality manufacturers who have achieved great success with the King Koil brand in their markets. They understand the value a U.S.-based brand brings to their territories. They are expert marketers of those products in their regions. We are grateful they have committed to extending their relationships with us,” said David Binke, CEO of King Koil. 

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King Koil supports more than 20 licensees in more than 75 countries where King Koil mattresses are manufactured and sold. Headquartered in Avondale, Arizona, the company has a long, rich history that reaches back to 1898 when Samuel Bronstein founded United States Bedding in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

What started out as six employees in a small factory has continued to grow. During the 1930s, U.S. Bedding improved the bedspring and was looking for a new name for its product. From there, the King Koil name was born.

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