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Derucci to unveil AIoT Sleep HealthTech Line at CES 2024

Derucci to unveil AIoT Sleep HealthTech Line at CES 2024

Sleep technology brand the Derucci Group will be launching a new line of sleep health technologies at CES 2024, including award-winning smart mattresses, anti-snore pillows, intelligent height adjustable pillows, intelligent voice control panels, curtain tracks and other smart IoT sleep solutions to help people have a healthier sleep and reduce health risks.

Derucci will showcase the following AI innovations during CES 2024:

Smart Mattresses: the Derucci T11 Pro and MWI1 Smart Mattresses are artificial intelligence smart sleep IoT solutions based on extensive sleep/health research with international universities and institutions. The Derucci smart mattresses are one of the first to warn users about potential health issues before they are aware of them, monitoring and instantly adjusting to the individual’s health for optimal sleep.

The mattresses combine Derucci’s patented AI technologies and software algorithms with sophisticated styling, employing AI sleep/health sensors that automatically track body shape and changes in sleeping position, body temperature, heart rate and health with air support units that instantly respond to each person. The mattresses also connect to Derucci and other IoT home appliances to control the bedroom’s smart thermostat, air conditioner, aromatherapy, air purifier, sleep-enhancing lighting, meditation products, sleep aids and other IoT devices.

Anti-snore pillows

Anti-Snore Pillow: the Derucci Anti-Snore Pillow is an all-in-one smart pillow that integrates monitoring, screening and intervention to alleviate snoring and reduce the risk of sleep apnea, which can often be a precursor to serious disease. The pillow is an intelligent pillow and app solution that alleviates snoring by adjusting the position of the head for the highest effectiveness on the market, reducing snoring by up to 89% (data from an internal clinical trial).

Intelligent Height Adjustable Pillow: The height can be adjusted according to different individuals’ neck curves. Designed for neck support and better sleep, the Intelligent Height Adjustable Pillow monitors sleeping positions and dynamically adjusts the pillow height throughout the entire sleep cycle relieving neck fatigue and ensuring that the user wakes up feeling refreshed. The smart pillow also offers comprehensive sleep support with various sleep assistance modes to help users fall asleep more easily with detailed sleep reports to gain deep insights into sleep habits to optimize sleep quality.

Derucci AI Tidal Algorithm: A first of its kind, the Derucci patented Tidal algorithm simultaneously adapts and customizes to each user’s various individual sleeping positions and makes real-time adjustments to perfectly match height, shape and body areas, such as shoulders, back, waist, hips and legs. The brand leverages its research in ergonomics, AI and big data, and analyzes factors, such as Body Mass Index, sleeping positions, pressure distribution, height and firmness.

Air Support Units: Piezoelectric ceramic sensors control rubber-sensing airbags and support materials, such as springs, foam and latex. The airbag’s height and firmness are also adjusted for position and smoothness.

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AI Sleep Monitoring: analyzes changes in users’ physiological parameters monitoring sleep with reports on sleep quality, making it easier to reach deep sleep. Provides personalized sleep consultations and recommendations with sleep medicine and wellness companies to optimize sleep, exercise and diet, essential for elderly care and specialized sports.

AI Sleep Health Warnings: analyzes users’ disease data, along with geographic location, age and sleep monitoring metrics to provide early chronic disease warnings.

Derucci IoT Products: Other Derucci IoT home products in the new lineup include the Intelligent Switch, Intelligent Voice Control Panel, Intelligent Gateway and Curtain Track, among others.

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