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Spring Air’s latest marketing campaign involves … toothbrushes?

Spring Air’s latest marketing campaign involves … toothbrushes?

In order to expand its reach to more retailers, Spring Air International is launching a new marketing campaign aimed at members of the Furniture First and BrandSource buying groups. To grab their attention, the company is sending dealers toothbrushes, along with a flyer with a rhetorical riddle stating three things that require replacement. 

“In an effort to aid our salespeople in reaching more retailers, we decided we needed something fun to break the ice,” says Spring Air President Nick Bates. “So, along with a toothbrush, buying group members will find a flyer that reads, ‘There are three things everyone has to replace: a toothbrush, a mattress and a pair of shoes.’  The flyer invites the recipient to purchase any of Spring Air’s wide array of product offerings and lets them know that once an order is placed, Spring Air will ship the retailer a free pair of shoes.” 

In order to qualify for the free shoe offer, retailers must place a minimum order of three floor models to redeem a $200 value gift card. 

According to Bates, retailers in the buying groups already receive a comprehensive program of rebates, bonuses, co-op funding and product discounts.

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“We are just adding on the benefits of dental hygiene and a comfortable pair of shoes,” he says. “Our goal here is to continue the momentum we saw in our showroom in Las Vegas and reach those that maybe didn’t come to market. We want to get in front of as many retailers as we can. Spring Air is the right combination of quality, service and value, and we are excited to share that with new customers.”

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