Dr. Snooze to join Sleep Nerdz in Yatas Bedding showroom during Las Vegas Market

Sleep Nerdz Andrew Carrington and Keith Messenger have teamed up with Yatas Bedding on a new Smart Bed and are bringing sleep scientist Dr. Dan aka Dr. Snooze to the upcoming Las Vegas Market.

In Yatas Bedding Showroom B-956 on July 31 and Aug. 1, Dr. Snooze will be available to speak about the new Smart Bed — which is integrated with his Sleep Space app.

Jason Kennedy, U.S. brand manager for Yatas Bedding, said when he saw the direction the Sleep Nerdz were going with Dr. Snooze and his technology, he felt that there was an opportunity to team up with Yatas on production.

“It’s different than anything else on the market,” says Messenger. “Ours has sensors in the mattress and all we want to do it make the masses sleep better. Dr. Snooze is going to help with that mission. He brings scientific credibility and has spent years doing clinical trials. And his app, which is in our Smart Bed, has already been proven to help people get better sleep.”

As previously covered on Bedding News Now, Dr. Dan received over $3 million in grants from the government for his research and creation of the tech — which can be downloaded to a phone as a simple app and has sleep studies to back up its benefits.

You can read more about Sleep Nerdz’s partnership with Dr. Snooze here. 

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