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Brand Source works with Diamond Mattress on exclusive, premium boxed bed program

Brand Source works with Diamond Mattress on exclusive, premium boxed bed program

Brand Source and Diamond Mattress have collaborated to offer the buying group’s 4,500 members an exclusive premium boxed bed collection well merchandised for a broad range of customers.

The companies say the new Pace program provides retailers a distinct advantage in the category. With retail price points starting at $599 and up to $1,799 for a queen mattress only, the collection is designed to offer any customer a quality sleep solution to fit their comfort and budget needs.

Building on their growing partnership, Brand Source and Diamond co-developed the Pace collection that emphasizes top-selling features and layers in strong selling stories based on high-quality components and sustainable materials. The collection offers natural latex, certified organic cotton, upcycled denim, temperature-regulating fibers and patented coil design.

“Brand Source has placed more focus on the bedding category recently,” says Patrick Wolf, Diamond Mattress’ vice president of sales and education. “This will continue to be a great area of opportunity for many of their members, and Diamond is proud to be an important partner in that effort. We assembled a smartly merchandised broad assortment with no minimums which ships to the retailer or directly to the customer’s home.”

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Pace offers 10 mattress models and a total of 16 beds ranging in profile and comfort options. The Rise mattress is the featured model of the collection, as a 13.5-inch Euro top that offers a Cool Touch temperature-regulating fabric cover and memory foam, natural latex for breathability and pressure-relieving support, and a coil system of individually nested wrapped coils with edge support.

“Our goal was to have a premium product pop out of a box and stand up to any traditional mattress on the floor in regard to tailoring, comfort and value. Mission accomplished,” says Wolf.

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