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Diamond Mattress fuels growth by focusing on culture

Diamond Mattress fuels growth by focusing on culture

What’s happening: Diamond Mattress is investing more in its people and building a healthy company culture that it believes is the foundation for continued growth. Its newest professional development initiative is an expansion of last year’s initiatives in employee engagement and improvements in recruiting and hiring.

Why it matters: The new initiative rolling out now includes executive and leadership development that benefits senior leadership as well as frontline leaders who might be new to a leadership position.

Executive development training is offered to Diamond’s senior leadership team, which includes about 20 leaders throughout the organization. The objectives include developing greater self-awareness, learning how to effectively communicate with the various behavior styles, creating accountability and mastering the business model and practices adopted by the company.

Leadership development is offered to individuals at the manager level in the organization. With most of the participants in front-line lead roles for the first time, the program offers a more introductory approach to leadership development. 

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Diamond CEO Shaun Pennington says a strong family culture has been the bedrock of Diamond since its founding more than 80 years ago. Among the roster of almost 200 Diamond team members are several employees who’ve served the fourth-generation mattress manufacturer for more than a quarter-century.

“We’ve modernized in many ways since our box spring-making beginnings, but we will always stay true to our roots in the belief that Diamond is only as strong as its people so we must invest deeply and continuously in our people,” Pennington says.

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