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Live Furnish brings 3D content creation to web-based app

Live Furnish brings 3D content creation to web-based app

Live Furnish has launched V2, the newest version of its 3D content creation technology platform. Cloud-based technology moves Live Furnish from a standalone desktop application to a web-based platform with all data saved on the cloud, accessible by its users anywhere and at any time. 

The launch follows more than a year of development and months of beta testing with the company’s leading manufacturer, retailer, and supplier customers across multiple product categories, including textiles, upholstered furniture, case goods, rugs and accessories. 

According to Preet Sahil Singh, co-founder of Live Furnish, moving to the new SaaS (software as a service) model means that users are no longer required to download an app (or subsequent updates) to their computers. Rather, they are able to access Live Furnish via their web browser to create and view images and work on projects collaboratively in real time. 

“The most important advantage of V2 is that it allows for creative collaboration and approvals of content across multiple users and teams, whether they are artists, managers, or even organizations,” Singh says. “Everyone can come together via a single interface, with a unified dashboard, and find all the projects created by their organization on a single page, along with props, textures and room settings that are exclusive to their organization. They can make comments, edit, invite team members and freelancers and work together to build content. And they can easily share it.”

Live Furnish easily integrates with shopping carts and commerce platforms like Shopify, and the improved user experience includes a tool that lets users visualize how the images they create will look on an e-commerce platform before they send them. Prior to V2, files needed to be downloaded first and shared using a third-party application. 

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“Overall, the Live Furnish system has become very smart,” Singh says. “Being web-based means that onboarding takes minutes, and the overhauled user experience means the time to get started and proficient on the platform has been cut by more than 50 percent. The curation of scenes has become easier and faster than ever as well, with renderings coming back about 60 percent faster thanks to the new technology upgrade. The bottom line is that we listened to customers that have been using our platform for years and we built the features they have been asking for so that they find Live Furnish easier to use and can produce the results they want faster.”  

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