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Diamond Mattress taking off for Vegas on Auto Pilot

Diamond Mattress taking off for Vegas on Auto Pilot

Diamond Mattress is set for a strong takeoff of Auto Pilot, its first smart bed system that debuts at Las Vegas Market this month, based on positive feedback from select retailers.

Auto Pilot by Diamond Mattress uses the latest in smart bed technology to provide deeper, more restorative sleep by automatically adapting to the sleeper throughout the night. The system is also available for private-label customers with impactful branding and marketing support.

Consumers are already excited about this smart bed that’s featured at 37 stores of Top 100 retailer Living Spaces, according to company officials. Dozens of other retailers who previewed the Auto Pilot prototype last summer showed high interest and have anticipated its full unveiling at this winter market.

The Auto Pilot system includes a host of features that enhance the sleep experience from the moment the sleeper settles into bed to the time they awake.

Controlled manually with a wireless remote or a mobile app, Auto Pilot has a dual-purpose relaxation mode that delivers a gentle wave motion from head to toe that can be used to lull an individual to sleep at night as well as to wake them in the morning. The patented smart cell, body-sensing technology contained in eight independently controlled zones makes that possible.

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The Auto Pilot app allows for easy sleep data tracking and managing, providing daily, monthly and yearly statistics to allow the user to understand their unique sleep style and optimal comfort needs. That data-driven technology gives the user control over how to customize their sleep experience.

This award-winning smart bed system has earned the 2021 Gold Medal Edison Award and 2018 KES Innovation Award for Best New Product.

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