American Mattress merges with US Mattress

Chicagoland retailer American Mattress has acquired the bedding chain US Mattress — which includes 20 stores in Detroit — for an undisclosed amount.

Kevin Giles, phone team supervisor at American Mattress, confirmed to Bedding News Now that the deal is signed and completed, and the companies have officially merged. Searching for US Mattress headquarters on Google shows that they have been permanently closed as a result of the acquisition, but some US Mattress employees are now employed by American Mattress.

“American has 50 stores in Chicagoland and 15 in Indianapolis and is expanding its Midwest footprint,” Giles tells Bedding News Now.

Sources close to the issue who wish to remain anonymous told Bedding News Now that Mattress Warehouse was originally lined up to buy US Mattress but the deal fell through for undisclosed reasons, and American Mattress stepped in.

Follow along with Bedding News Now for updates on the acquisition and its potential effect on the mattress industry.

Alex Milstein

Alex Milstein is the Editor in Chief of Casual News Now and Bedding News Now. He previously served as senior editor of both Casual Living and Designers Today, and covered technology for Furniture Today, with a focus on augmented reality, e-commerce, and 3D visualization.

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