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Diamond Mattress ‘shatters’ Vegas market records

Diamond Mattress ‘shatters’ Vegas market records

Diamond Mattress reported record-breaking numbers following the Las Vegas Market in January and credited its sales and marketing team for strong execution on its buyer outreach and go-to-market campaign.

Recognizing the downturn in mattress retail sales, Diamond’s leadership team cranked up its expectations and strategy ramping up for the industry’s biggest show. The company posted a 30% increase in attendance for this January over 2023 winter market and 15% increase over the previous record set during winter market 2019.

Diamond Mattress VP of Sales Patrick Wolf, dressed in a flight suit for the Auto Pilot sleep system launch, leads the sales meeting prior to opening the Las Vegas Market in January.

The company and individual members of its sales team carried out an “aggressive social media and email strategy” and saw a 200% increase in engagement on social media about Diamond at Las Vegas. In addition to effective email marketing campaigns and LinkedIn, Diamond’s sales team conducted direct buyer outreach that generated visitors primed for the company’s featured new products and programs.

“One of the keys to success is a highly engaged sales team that is willing to do what it takes to bring in customers, but at the end of the day, we earn the business by delivering great products and programs that help retailers with differentiations and margins,” says Patrick Wolf, vice president of sales and education.

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He said retailers responded particularly well to Auto Pilot, the company’s first smart bed system, the remerchandised Technogel line offered exclusively by Diamond, and the expanded Ethos collection, a natural and latex line boasting attractive margins.

“It’s hard to put into words the culture that’s building around our team and customers. It’s been more than this one market of success; it’s a culmination of improvement and growth every single market,” he added.

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