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Bedding idea: Healthy accessories 

Bedding idea: Healthy accessories 

In the bedding industry, it’s an uphill battle to train RSAs how to attach pillows, sheets, protectors and more to a mattress sale, but it’s a part of the business everyone seems to be putting a lot of effort into. 

With more training, adding new products to the sale will come naturally, and it might be time to start thinking about unique products you can carry that can help your customers get a better night’s sleep. The successful mattress store of today is focused on many facets of health and wellness related to sleep.

For instance, over the past few years, weighted blankets have become increasingly popular because of their ability to reduce stress and anxiety. They also promote relaxation and can improve sleep quality. The opportunity is there, especially because of the direct connection to sleep; it just needs to be built naturally into the sale. And their built-in health benefit gives the RSA a way to connect with the customer and learn more about their needs.

Here’s another idea: body pillows. If you’re of the mindset that they’re only for pregnant women, think again. Men and non-pregnant women have found that they can benefit from using these long pillows as well.

Shloof, a company that displayed in the SSA Pavilion during the recent Las Vegas Market, has created a simple yet effective body pillow that founder Riley Jaye told Bedding News Now is essentially a weighted blanket inside of a body pillow. 

“Measuring 52 inches by 20 inches, it has an internal layer of weighted beads, which is the patent-pending design,” he says. “It’s like a body pillow that is used typically for side sleepers or pregnant women but the added weight makes the pillow a little more substantial.” 

Benefits body pillows offer include:

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  • Proper alignment of the spine
  • Reduce leg discomfort when used between legs
  • Keeps typical back sleepers on their side, reducing the severity of snoring
  • Helps with physical disabilities like a curved or shortened spine

One last idea: smart sleep masks. Yes, they’re real, and yes, they can help promote healthier sleep.

An example is a sleep mask that can be connected to your phone to play music or even take phone calls without having to expose your eyes to light. Many in the industry know that light signals our body that it’s time to wake up, and imparting this knowledge to a consumer can help them create an environment that promotes restful sleep.

Health and wellness is the new sleep, which means it’s not just about 8 hours at night — it’s about a person’s whole life, from energy and pain levels to relaxation and restfulness. Anything you can bring into your store to solidify that message and build tickets is a win for retailers. 

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